BioHazard Cleanup in Huntsville

At Alabama Bio-Clean, we serve all of Northern Alabama, including Huntsville and Madison County. Unlike other biohazard companies, Alabama is our home. We even have an office right here in Huntsville!

Find us at:
912 Winchester Rd NE Suite 1
Huntsville, AL 35811


When you hire the team at Alabama Bio-Clean, you can breathe easier knowing that we are here to lighten your burden. Crisis situations, especially those that involve the death of a loved one, are incredibly stressful. We are honored to be able to remove some of your stress by using our expertise in cleanup and recovery. Using the utmost discretion, we will aid you in your emergency so that you can focus on what’s important: your family, friends, and your business. You will not have to worry about your privacy being violated in any way. For example, we never use client photos on social media or in any of our marketing materials, and we are always careful to be discrete while in your neighborhood. At Alabama Bio-Clean, your needs come first.

“Your emergency is our emergency.”
Stuart Frandsen, Owner of Alabama Bio-Clean



Alabama Bio-Clean was called to work on a delayed discovery death in northern Alabama in the city of Hazel Green. The body was discovered in a home off of Joe Quick Road. We were able to help the family with the insurance claim, and safely sanitize and deodorize the home.

Another case occurred at an apartment complex off of University Drive in Huntsville. Maintenance had discovered a hoarding situation. The apartment was filled with trash, and thousands of random objects. The unit was also heavily soiled with human feces. Alabama Bio-Clean was able to work with property managers and quickly remove trash and sanitize the unit. All of the work was done with the utmost discretion, and no other tenants were aware of, or affected by, the cleaning process.

 We restore your location so you can return to your life.


We are so proud of our team at Alabama Bio-Clean. Each member of our staff is trained, certified, background-checked, and drug tested to ensure a high standard of professional integrity.


Alabama Bio-Clean is a proud supporter of Victims of Crime And Leniency (VOCAL). VOCAL is a non-profit victim services organization based out of Montgomery, Alabama, which provides victim advocates to those in need, as well as a reimbursement for crime scene cleaning. VOCAL’s website ( contains information regarding their services as well as the documents required to file for compensation.

VOCAL was organized in 1982 to create a more balanced system. The goal of VOCAL is to balance the scales of justice by protecting victims’ rights rather than eroding the rights of the offender.

We are here to help. Call us today.


We are not the only resource you will need to assist with your crisis. Below is a list of local area contacts who can help you.


Madison County Sheriff Investigations
(256) 532-3412

Crisis Center of North Alabama

Madison County Victim Services

Madison County Coroner

Huntsville Police Department
(256) 427-5000


  • Huntsville is built over a vast network of caves.
  • Huntsville’s Railroad Depot is one of America's oldest.
  • The Weeden House Museum, the oldest building in Alabama, is still open to the public.
  • Mark McGwire and Jose Canseco both played for the Huntsville Stars
  • Huntsville was the first capital of Alabama after being admitted to the union.
  • Electric street cars replaced horses and wagons in Huntsville in 1901
  • In 1941, Huntsville was chosen to play an important role in the war effort of the United States. The U.S. Space and Rocket Center was established in Huntsville in 1970.
  • Maple Hill Cemetery is the oldest and largest cemetery in Alabama. There are between 80,000 and 100,000 people buried there.
  • Jimmy Wales, co-founder of Wikipedia, was born in Huntsville
  • A prize cow from Huntsville named Lily Flagg took top honors in Chicago as world's greatest butterfat producer.
  • Schools were established in Huntsville in 1812
  • Alabama A & M was established on December 16, 1875.
  • Huntsville was the epicenter of an earthquake in 1959 that spanned a 25-mile radius. It caused minor damage.
  • In 1940, while working the radio booth of WBHP, Herbert Johnson heard airplanes buzzing overhead. It was dark outside, and Herbert knew the lights were not on at the airport. He urged his listeners to rush to the airport and turn on their lights. By doing this, the planes were guided to a safe landing. As a result, Mr. Johnson and WBPH were granted an award citation from the U.S. War Department.