Human or Animal Feces Removal and Sanitation

We restore your property to its original condition.

Is your staff trained and ready?

CDC recommendations for cleaning human or animal waste:


waterproof gloves


rubber boots and liquid-repellant coveralls


eyes and nose with splash-proof face mask or shield

Worry-free decontamination and cleaning


An actual Alabama Bio Clean client whose home was contaminated by cat feces
An actual Alabama Bio Clean client whose home was contaminated by cat feces

Human or animal waste can pose serious potential risks to human beings. Body fluids, including blood, feces, and vomit are all considered potentially contaminated with bloodborne or other germs. Diseases such as hepatitis, tuberculosis, E. coli, or pinworm can be present in human feces. Animal feces can carry roundworm, which has been known to cause blindness in children, and attract insects that cause many other diseases. Rat droppings are a potential source of allergens, causing symptoms from sneezing to more serious allergic reactions.

If your home, office, or rental property has been affected by human or animal feces, Alabama Bio-Clean can help. Our cleaning and sanitizing services will restore every square inch of your property to its original condition, allowing you to resume normal use of the area.

Our team of professionals will remove all human or animal feces and/or other biohazards and their malodors. When our technicians are finished, you can rest assured that the property is free of potential biohazards. The area will not only appear clean, it will be disinfected and habitable, safe once again for you, your family, friends, employees, and clients.