Mass Fatality Scene Recovery

In recent decades, too many senseless mass shootings have occurred in the United States.

In each case, the violent deaths of multiple victims leave behind devastated families and communities.

The scene of a Mass Fatality requires compassionate and skilled professionals to recover all bio-related material and restore the scene to its condition prior to the violent crime.

Notable Mass Fatality Scenes in Alabama:

July 10, 1991

A L'Express Airlines Beechcraft C99 originating in New Orleans crashed while attempting to land in Birmingham. Of the 15 occupants on board, 13 were killed.

October, 1995

Hurricane Opal made landfall at the Florida panhandle as a Category 4 hurricane and wreaked havoc throughout Alabama.  Twelve people in Alabama lost their lives.

Feb. 26, 2003

Five men were shot at Labor Ready Inc. in Huntsville after a dispute over a CD player. Four of the men died.

March 10, 2009

Ten people were killed in a shooting spree in Geneva and Coffee counties in southern Alabama.

April 27, 2011

A tornado outbreak killed 317 people throughout Alabama.

Professional, compassionate response in the aftermath of a crisis


If you are the first person on the scene after a mass fatality due to multiple homicides and/or suicides, call 911 immediately and then wait outside for the local police to arrive. Do not disturb anything in the room or building or attempt to search the home or business.

Police Car
A mass fatality is a horrible event. Alabama Bio Clean can help.

Alabama Bio-Clean technicians are trained, equipped, and prepared to deal compassionately and professionally with the aftermath of a crime scene with multiple victims. We can even help you negotiate with your home or business insurance provider to receive the full amount you are due as quickly as possible so that we can restore some peace of mind and your way of life sooner rather than later.

The teams at Alabama Bio-Clean are secondary responders after the police, firefighters, paramedics, and coroner have finished their jobs. Once authorities have released the scene, Alabama Bio-Clean technicians will clean and repair the site using state-of-the-art equipment and EPA-registered products. A site cannot just appear to be clean. It must be sanitary and habitable for anyone who enters the property.

The trained and licensed professionals at Alabama Bio-Clean are skilled at entering the scene after a mass fatality without interrupting the integrity and security of the area. We are able to ensure ongoing public safety from any biohazards while maintaining a standard of accountability to the families involved in the tragedy.

Alabama Bio-Clean is committed to cleaning and restoring your property with compassion and respect for those affected by the tragedy.