Hoarding Cleanup and Sanitation

We safely handle the worst of the worst.

Alabama Bio-Clean, Inc., provides turnkey services to help you focus on your loved one’s peace of mind while returning the property to a livable condition.

 Though we may joke about our abundance of accumulated possessions, a true hoarding disorder is no laughing matter. By some estimates, as many as 1 in 20 people have hoarding tendencies. Your loved one may be one of them.

When you are faced with the task of cleaning up a hoarding situation, cleaning is just the beginning. Your loved one’s home contains precious memories. We understand. Our technicians are trained to carefully sort through the debris in order to separate valuable items from trash.


Hoarders generally take great pleasure in their possessions unlike those with OCD, which tend to feel bad.


Hoarders develop “clutter blindness” and sometimes don’t recognize photographs of rooms in their own homes.


Hoarders often see themselves as caretakers of the things and information they have collected.

Managing the mess so you can concentrate
on what really matters


Overwhelming clutter and junk from hoarding

Hoarding is a complex issue. Many people who would like assistance with their accumulated possessions are overwhelmed or embarrassed by their situation. They need help from a compassionate team of people – and that’s where Alabama Bio-Clean, Inc., steps in. From start to finish, our technicians always treat you and your family with respect and we fiercely guard your privacy.

People who hoard often neglect necessary repairs to their home or business. They may keep food past its expiration date or save spoiled items, ignoring the cumulative odors or health risks. Compulsively acquired items can include paper and plastic bags, magazines, newspapers, empty boxes, food, clothing, and more. People who are driven to collect items to this extent are usually incapable of sorting through and discarding their possessions and need the help of trained professionals – and we are honored to help. But cleaning up hoarding house clutter is just one part of our job. We are also concerned with recovering items that are valuable, useful or sentimental to the owner.

Alabama Bio-Clean, Inc., technicians are trained to safely remove hazards before thoroughly cleaning and sanitizing every surface in the home or office. The process can take anywhere from days to weeks, depending on the scope of the situation and the type of debris. Once our work is complete, the property will not only look and smell clean, it will be disinfected and safe for occupation once again.