Industrial Accident Cleanup

We restore your business and your peace of mind.

On average, industrial accidents account for close to 100 deaths each week in the United States.

Most of these deaths result from falls at construction sites, but accidental deaths also result from electrocution, trench cave-in, asphyxiation, fire/explosion, chemical spill, or being struck by a falling object or caught in rotating machinery.

The tragedy of an industrial accident may leave biohazard material in the workplace, creating a danger for other employees on site.

The “Fatal Four”

1/5th of industrial deaths are construction related, resulting from:

Falls  •  Electrocutions  •  Struck by Object  •  Caught-in/between

Alabama Bio-Clean: We get you back in business.


If you are the first person on the scene after an industrial accident, call 911 immediately and alert your supervisor or management. Move away from the area and wait for the local police to arrive. For your own safety, do not disturb anything in the area or attempt a search.

construction accident
Alabama Bio Clean restores construction sites and other industrial accident locations

Our trained and licensed technicians are skilled at entering the area after an industrial accident without interrupting the integrity and security of the area.

Our team will provide immediate and compassionate cleanup services following a workplace accident. Once authorities have released the scene, our team will assess the area for blood, bodily fluids, or bone fragments. We use state-of-the-art equipment such as a Hydroxyl Generator to remove odors, a Low Volume Fogger to apply EPA-registered disinfectants, and Steam-Injection Machines to clean every surface thoroughly from corner to corner. Our proven cleaning process ensures that no biological material is left behind, thus eliminating the threat of mold, bacteria, or fungal growth. We will restore the area to its original state prior to the accident and ensure that the site is clean, sanitary, and safe for all employees or visitors.

Alabama Bio-Clean staff can even help your company negotiate with your property insurance provider to receive full payment in a timely a manner so that we can quickly and efficiently restore the scene of the industrial accident. Our cleaning services allow you to focus on what matters most—your employees’ wellbeing and resumption of normal operations as soon as you are ready.

The caring team at Alabama Bio-Clean is here to help restore your business and your peace of mind after an industrial accident.