Failed Freezer Clean-up & Odor Removal

We've got you covered.

A freezer can fully defrost in two days or less, but the smell will linger for two months or more. Don’t wait that long. 

Alabama Bio-Clean Gets rid of the odor quickly and permanently.


Failed Freezer cleanup
If a residential or commercial freezer or refrigerator fails we will take care of the cleanup

Rotten produce. Spoiled milk. Rancid meat. While coffee grounds or baking soda may freshen up your fridge, some odors need professional attention. A failed freezer or refrigerator can become a biohazard as food breaks down and odors seep into the seams and surfaces of the appliance. Left unattended, the smell can be overwhelming and spread throughout your entire home, business, or RV.

You don’t have to wait for the odors of a failed appliance to fade on their own.

Alabama Bio-Clean professionals are trained to quickly empty and sanitize a failed freezer or refrigerator and remove all traces of foul odors from your home or business. Within a few hours, your home’s pleasant smell will be restored, and you will be free from the worry that the smell will return.