crime scene biohazard cleanup crew putting yellow do not cross tape around crime scene investigation area

Why Professional Crime Scene Cleanup Is Important

crime scene biohazard cleanup crew putting yellow do not cross tape around crime scene investigation area

After a tragic crime has been committed, and law enforcement has investigated the scene, it is time to perform a crime scene cleanup. There are several reasons why this process is essential for a person’s home or any inside area. Read on to learn more about these reasons, plus details about different factors that come into play without professional cleanup.

Crime Scene Cleaners Remove Bodily Fluids/Pathogens

When a crime has been committed, whether it is in a residence or public building, a lot of the victim’s fluids may be left inside. Whether it is blood or blood-borne pathogens, the building becomes infected with these harmful substances. After a crime, people return to work or reside in the building that they call home. However, if they touch a surface that has substances invisible to the naked eye, they could ingest these harmful fluids and become very sick.

Serious diseases can form in the body, including HIV, which can, in tragic cases, result in the death of the person exposed to these pathogens and fluids. If these fluids are not identified and cleaned, the building becomes a hazard for anyone to be inside. When this happens, workers will not be able to renovate the building and people may even have to move to a different home—unless a reliable bio-cleaning company is hired to do the job.

Professional Crime Scene Cleanup Utilizes Effective Cleaning Tools

Blood and other bodily fluids have a biological makeup that does not come off when cleaned with just any cleaning products. For example, if someone were to try to clean a patch of blood off themselves, they may try to use household products to remove it. As they clean, if the blood is not removed, it will stay in the facility and pose a risk to anyone interacting with the building. Moreover, they are exposing themselves to bloodborne pathogens, and, without the right protection equipment to use while cleaning, they could become infected from these fluids.

The only way to combat this issue is to hire a reliable bio-cleaning company with stronger, more effective cleaning systems. The reason is that cleanup workers are properly trained and specialized to complete blood cleanup tasks after a crime has been committed. They know to use OSHA-certified products that effectively remove these fluids, creating a safe workspace or home after the cleanup is finished.


In the U.S, office employees, no matter the industry or profession, may occupy an office building for eight hours a day or more. That is a long work schedule with plenty of occurrences where they interact with potentially tainted surfaces. Examples of this include placing their elbows on their desk, using the employee restroom, or microwaving their meals. Because of these instances where workers use their facility throughout the day, there are laws set in place by OSHA to protect them from working in unsanitary conditions.

These laws push employers to find a reliable bio-cleaning company to remove crime scene-related pathogens when necessary. By doing so, employers avoid lawsuits from workers filing a complaint to OSHA. Employees may experience bloodborne pathogen ingestion leading to disease. Crime scene cleanup in an office protects employers and provides a usable workspace for their employees. 
After a tragic crime has occurred, your building needs a bio-cleaning company that thoroughly removes pathogens. In Alabama, customers should seek out professional crime scene cleaners at Alabama Bio Clean. We work hard to remove all signs and traces of crime scenes, including invisible dangers like bacteria! Potential customers can send an inquiry about our services and someone will reach back to them shortly!