suicide cleanup

Cleaning up after a suicide is both physically exhausting and emotionally overwhelming. It also requires a degree of training that the average layperson doesn’t possess.

We have numerous articles about why you should always hire a professional to clean up a decomposed body:

The physical threats to your health when cleaning up after suicide are unambiguous. What is not discussed often enough is how cleaning up after the suicide of a loved one can be incredibly harmful to your mental health. 

There are some things that you cannot forget. When you touch, smell, and see a loved one’s dead body after a suicide, the memory is seared onto your brain. Months and years later when you would like to reminisce, your happy memories will be clouded by the gruesome scene you witnessed.

Many people mistakenly believe because they have a high tolerance for violent and gory movies that they will be able to handle cleaning up the scene of a friend or family member’s suicide. We cannot stress this enough: movies, video games, music, etc. are not comparable to real life decomposition and blood. It is excruciating enough to witness a stranger’s suicide scene but experiencing a loved one’s suicide aftermath is shocking and can result in permanent emotional scarring.

The American College of Physicians Ethics Manual states that “physicians should avoid treating themselves, close friends, or members of their own family.” The American Medical Association’s Code of Medical Ethics (Opinion 8.19) states that “physicians generally should not treat themselves or members of their immediate families.” Many hospitals – and the numbers grow every day – forbid surgeons from operating on family members. Why? Surgeons operate on thousands of people throughout their careers, why not operate on family members? Simply put, because the emotional and psychological stakes are too high.

Instead of taking on the agonizing task of cleaning up after a suicide, hire professionals so that you can spend your time mourning, memorializing your friend or family member, and getting mental health help for surviving family members. Suicide has long term consequences and often results in more than one victim. Call on Alabama Bio-Clean to assist you so that you and your family can begin a healthy and proactive grieving process.