Meth Residue Remediation in Alabama

Meth Residue Remediation in Alabama

Methamphetamine hydrochloride – also known as meth, speed, blue, crystal, and ice – is a highly addictive member of the amphetamine group of sympathomimetic amines. Meth is a powerful drug that affects the central nervous system.

Smoking and ‘cooking’ meth creates a buildup of residue on all interior surfaces, which is a severe health hazard. The drug remnants are absorbed through the skin and via inhalation. It is very easy to be contaminated by meth. If someone has smoked meth in your home or automobile once, then the house, car, and your safety are compromised. Meth can also reenter the air in your home by opening and closing doors and windows, or even vacuuming. Scary!

How Do I Know if My Home or Car is Contaminated with Meth?

Review Registered Meth Houses

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) maintains a National Clandestine Laboratory Register database of registered meth houses. It is not a comprehensive list, but it is a great place to begin.

Speak to the Neighbors

Ask neighbors about the former inhabitants of the home and their habits.

What’s that smell?

Does the home smell of vinegar, ammonia, or rotten eggs? That’s a red flag! These smells are common where meth has been cooked or smoked.

The Price Is Too Good To Be True

Does the low price on the home or car you’re considering seem too good to be true? Then start asking questions! Sometimes a lucky low price is just that – lucky. But other times it can mean that the automobile or house is contaminated with meth.

Buy A Test Kit

Still worried? You can purchase your own meth test kit online (Amazon really does sell everything!) and get results quickly.

Why Is Meth Difficult to Clean Up – And Why You Need Professionals For the Job

Methamphetamine hydrochloride is water-soluble and doesn’t require strong chemicals to clean it. So why should you always hire a professional to get rid of it? There are many reasons:

  • Meth residue is impossible to detect with the naked eye. So while you may have an easy time scrubbing the floor, there may be traces of meth on the ceiling, wall, window frames, etc.
  • Meth sticks to varnish and polyurethane and is difficult to remove with regular cleaner.
  • Bleach may cause meth to intensify.
  • Meth easily contaminates soft surfaces such as carpets, mattresses, car seats, and furniture, which are incredibly difficult to completely clean.
  • The average person doesn’t have the necessary equipment, protective gear, or cleaning chemicals to conduct safe meth residue remediation from a home or automobile. In addition, there are specific protocols that must be followed for a meth cleanup to be safe and successful. The layperson has no way of knowing what these protocols are and how to follow them.

Meth Residue Remediation in Alabama

The following are just some of the steps that Alabama Bio-Clean takes to ensure safe meth residue remediation of your home or car:

  • We wear biohazard suits, eye protection, and respirators.  
  • We have special equipment – such as a HEPA vacuum – that are necessary for the safe removal of meth residue.
  • We remove all absorbent and/or porous materials from the home or car.
  • We know what is safe to keep and what must be thrown out.
  • Finally, we take the necessary time needed to remove meth completely. The average meth cleanup of a home is five days of intense work.

If your home or automobile has been compromised by meth contamination, please give Alabama Bio-Clean a call. We are here to keep you and your family safe.