How Does the Odor Removal Process Work?

biohazard cleaning team removing odor from an office workspace in hazmat suits

Any time someone enters a workspace or a home, they want to enter a facility that smells pleasant, not ripe with harsh odors. However, sometimes a pungent odor can present itself from causes known or unknown, requiring a professional team of bio cleaners to investigate and remove the odor. Read on to learn about how the odor removal process is done.

Odor Elimination First Step: Finding the Source of the Odor

Oftentimes, when one odor is not as pungent as other odors, it can be difficult to find, therefore difficult to clean. A smell can come from unexpected sources in a house. Because the source of the smell can be hard to pinpoint, the situation requires professional cleaners to investigate and find the source. 

Let’s say there’s an odor accumulating in a home, but the homeowner cannot find the source. It has been going on for weeks, but they do not know that the smell is coming from pipe leaks in their home. They contact a bio cleaning company because they know that the only way to remove the smell is to contact them to find the source of the odor. 

In doing so, they’ve achieved the first step of the odor removal process, because they’ve located the source of the odor. This alerts the homeowners to keep an eye on their home pipe system to avoid future odors. 

This scenario can also happen in a workspace. Likewise, when the source of a smell is detected, workers can feel at ease knowing that they’re one step closer to removing the distracting odor. Professional bio-cleaners will be able to remove the source. 

Odor Removal Benefits

After the source of the odor has been detected by professional bio cleaners for a home or workspace, the next step is to remove any biohazards. Not only is the biohazard the source of the odor, but biohazards are harmful to a home owner’s or employees’ health if ingested. 

Basically, a biohazard is a substance released from the body of animals or humans that presents dangerous diseases. Whether it is bloodborne pathogens or animal feces, these biohazards can only be effectively removed by professional bio cleaners.

Bio cleaners perform a detailed cleaning procedure, which leaves the once-infected part of the building safe. In doing so, the building becomes habitable again without worry of ingesting diseases sourced from bloodborne pathogens or feces. The homeowner feels more comfortable and confident in residing in their home without feeling the need to leave or relocate. As for office workers, they will feel relaxed being able to work in their office buildings without the worry of dangerous pungent odors.

Professional Odor Elimination 

What exactly do professional bio cleaners use to completely remove harsh odors? In the process of removing the smell, professional bio-hazard cleaners use OSHA-approved products that are strong enough to remove tough, hard-to-clean biohazards. In the U.S., all work buildings require that they abide by workplace laws designated by OSHA.

In hiring a reliable biohazard cleaning company, employers are sure to meet these guidelines thanks to employees using OSHA-approved products. Cleaners are trained on which OSHA-approved odor eliminator products work best with removing certain biohazards. As they remove biohazards from a home or workspace, they are also trained to approach the situation from a non-judgmental point of view of the homeowner or employees from the pungent odor.

This protects employers from lawsuits and enables workers to do their job well. 

Alabama Bio Clean

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