Most people see hoarding as a problem of too much stuff, but did you know that hoarding can be dangerous to your health and a serious safety issue?

Hoarding dangers can include, but are not limited to:

  • Mold and mildew growth
  • Structural damage to the home
  • Rodent and bug infestation
  • Airborne bacteria from animal or human feces
  • Fire hazards
  • Tripping hazards
  • High ammonia levels from urine
  • Falling or collapsing piles of clutter
  • Poor air quality
  • Sharps and broken glass

It is dangerous living in a hoarding situation, but it is equally dangerous to those who are attempting to clean and declutter the home. For this reason, a professional service such as Alabama Bio-Clean should be hired who can assess and plan the entire cleaning process out. Issues such as mold, bugs, rodents, sewage, airflow, etc. can only be properly and safely handled by experts. Also, those who are trained in hoarding cleanup will be equipped and trained to handle and dispose of biohazardous materials. Equipment such as face masks, respirators, heavy puncture-resistant gloves, and even biohazard suits are necessary to keep those who are cleaning the hoarder’s home safe from all of the above-mentioned dangers. Regular household cleaning products are not up to the challenge that a hoarder’s home presents. Click Here to learn the differences between cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting.

In addition, those that professionally clean hoarding situations are not emotionally connected to the person who has been hoarding objects. It can be difficult for family members of hoarders to clean and dispose of their loved one’s things because it can make them sad, angry, etc. At Alabama Bio-Clean our technicians are trained to handle both the emotional and physical challenges of a hoarding situation. If you or a friend or a family member need assistance with a hoarding challenge, then please call on us at Alabama Bio-Clean. We are equipped and trained to safely handle any situation.