Hoarding and Finding Buried Treasure

What would you do if you found treasure? Take it to Antiques Roadshow to see how much it’s worth? Or, what if you found $100,000? Throw a party? Put it in a savings account? Take a much-needed vacation?

Hoarding buried treasure as gold coins.

Or, would you give it up right away?

No? Well, that’s what we do.

In our work in cleaning up hoarding situations, we often find ‘buried’ treasure. We have found gold coins, family heirlooms, jewelry, and yes, once we even found $100,000!

We’ve also found irreplaceable buried treasures like family bibles, family cookbooks, and old photo albums.

The ‘hot dogger’ (see photo below) that we found probably isn’t worth much, but it sure gave us all a good laugh.

Hoarding Buried Treasure Belongs to You

The point is that with us, it’s not ‘finders keepers.’ When we find something of value in your home or the home of a loved one that you have hired us to clean, we always put it aside for you.

Hoarding is an incredibly complex issue, and we understand the need for discretion and empathy. While the hoarder can’t separate things of value from worthless items – such as paper and plastic bags, magazines, newspapers, empty boxes, food, old clothing, etc. – our team of trained professionals easily sorts through and discards things that are no longer of use. But disposal of items is only part of our job. We meticulously examine things so that the valuable, useful, or sentimental are saved.

After removing all trash, hazards, and other unwanted items, we thoroughly clean and sanitize every surface. Depending on the scope of the situation, type of debris, and the size of the home, the process can take days to weeks.

Once our work is complete, your property will look and smell clean, and it will be disinfected and safe for occupation once again. And all your buried treasures will be safe in your hands.