death and decomposition cleanup

Death and Decomposition Cleanup

Death and decomposition cleanup involves so much more than the simple cleansing and sanitizing of an area. It also concerns the respectful treatment of a human being who was once alive and a vital part of a community. While some family members may believe that they can clean an area after their loved one’s body is removed, we strongly disagree.

It is not only that the hazardous waste that remains after a death is dangerous, it is also that no one should have to remember their loved one in this way. Death scenes, and the decay left behind, are incredibly upsetting to those close to the deceased. If possible, it is always better to remember a friend or family member as they were when they were alive and well.

Contamination from Death and Decomposition Cleanup:

Why you should always hire professionals to clean up a decomposed body.

When someone dies, decomposition usually begins in as little as 4 minutes. In the case of an unattended death – when a death occurs, and the body is not found for days, weeks, or even months – the nature of the decomposition is dramatic and upsetting, and the area around the body will be contaminated.

  • Bodily fluids seep into porous materials. People usually think of carpets and fabrics when thinking of porous materials, but did you know that concrete is porous? Wood and drywall are also porous, so virtually anything in a home that comes into contact with decomposing bodily fluids is contaminated.
  • Gases produced by the body fill the room leaving a film on the walls, windows, and ceiling.
  • Bloodborne pathogens can make you ill if you do not know the correct way to clean, decontaminate and dispose of biohazards

Traditional home cleaning products are not up to the task of safely cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting an area or home that has been affected by human decomposition. In fact, a site can look completely pristine, but it can still be riddled with hazards such as gases, odors, bacteria, and pathogens.

A tiny amount of biological material left behind and not cleaned properly can make a residence unsafe for habitation. Depending on the level of contamination, some areas will be able to be cleaned, while other areas will have to be replaced. This is one of the most important part of our jobs – because we are trained for situations exactly like this, we know when something is beyond washing and airing out and must be replaced entirely.

Along with exceptional work, we give our clients peace of mind. If we clean an area affected by decomposition, you can rest easy knowing that the room is truly livable and safe to be in. We can’t take the trauma of the death away, but we can eliminate and alleviate some of the more harmful and upsetting things that occur in the aftermath of a death.